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Perma Play

As a parrot "parent" you are more than familiar with the frustration of trying to find products that are safe, super-durable, and provide both a friendly environment and an intellectual challenge for your birds. Even a substantial investment couldn't guarantee that your purchase would last more than a few days before being destroyed by busy beaks.

Add to this the time and expense it takes to continually replace toys and accessories that have been chewed, splintered, and frayed, making them dangerous and almost impossible to keep clean.

Enough is enough!


At Perma-Play Products, your parrots can choose their favorites from the finest selection of toys, accessories, and cages manufactured in the USA! Our goal is to provide your birds with the quality environment they deserve: ultra-safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for (our toys are even dishwasher safe!).

Our products have earned the endorsement of leading avian veterinarians and research specialists across the nation and, equally important, they're applauded by delighted parrot owners whose "energetic" chewers have finally met their match!

  • Our premium quality "Parrot Toys and Accessories with Pizazz!" delight Budgies to Hyacinth Macaws with their razzle-dazzle rainbow of colors, and very special features such as our custom "parrot-worthy" bells and, as the nation's innovator, medical grade stainless steel hardware!
  • Our beautiful "Perma-Palaces" are sized for Cockatiels to Macaws and come with a five year warranty and all the amenities you'd expect from an avian kingdom for your feathered royalty!

At Perma-Play Products, we also speak from experience. Over a decade ago, we almost lost our beloved Moluccan Cockatoo to the hazards of industry standard parrot products. Since then, his story has been published in several national magazines along with its happy ending! Click on the "Updates" page and refer to the archived article "Meet Our Beloved Gabby" to meet him personally! Countless others aren't so fortunate and the problem is escalating with the number of companion parrots being kept today. Their future is our responsibility... they depend on us to understand their needs and to care enough to provide them with an environmentally healthy and secure home.

Based on extensive research and years of development, we bring you safe, affordable, wonderfully appealing products -- with a guarantee that is unparalleled today! Products your parrot will love... Quality you can trust!

Perma-Play Products! Simply the best.